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The problem of distracted drivers in parking lots

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Parking lots have their share of hazards, including disrepair and debris which sometimes cause people to fall down and get hurt. However, drivers pulling in and out of the lot can also pose a serious risk of injury or death to unsuspecting pedestrians.

Distracted driving is a pressing issue that extends beyond just streets and highways. Here is a look at how inattentive motorists may endanger walking individuals in a lot.

Phone distractions

The proliferation of smartphones has led to a surge in distracted driving incidents. Not only does this occur in parking lots, but the National Safety Council conducted a poll and found that 66% of drivers across the United States admitted to placing phone calls as they drove through a lot.

Additionally, motorists admitted to programming their GPS systems, texting, receiving or sending emails, snapping photos, watching videos or using social media. All these activities can distract a driver at a crucial moment.

Active shopping seasons

Certain times of the year are busy for shoppers. The burden of a long to-do list can keep the mind of a driver off of safety concerns. Nonetheless, even in a hectic shopping season, motorists must watch for pedestrians when navigating a lot.

Backing up collisions

Distracted driving is not just an issue while maneuvering in, through or out of a lot. Many cars back out of a parking space after the driver has returned to the vehicle. The problem with distracted driving is that the motorist may not check the mirrors or look over the shoulder before reversing the automobile.

An inattentive driver who hits a walking person might have to pay damages. Still, parking lot owners have the responsibility to handle other dangers that could cause serious injury. Depending on the cause, an injured pedestrian may hold a different party liable.