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Failure to maintain a parking lot can lead to injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2022 | Personal Injury, Premises Liability

Parking lots in North Carolina are important for businesses as they allow their customers to park close to their stores or places of business. Customers are more likely to come to their business when parking is convenient. However, parking lots can also pose certain dangers as there are many vehicles traveling in the same areas as the people walking from their cars to the buildings. The parking lot surfaces can also deteriorate just like other roads over time.

As a result of various defects of the parking lot or being hit by other vehicles using the parking lot, people can suffer significant injuries. Many of these could be prevented if the business owner wasn’t negligent.

Common parking lot defects that can injure people

People can be injured by:

  • Potholes or cracks in the pavement
  • Lack of signage stating where people should be walking or where the vehicles should be driving
  • Poor lighting
  • Various types of debris in the parking lot
  • Criminal acts

Victims of accidents caused by the defects stated above can suffer serious injuries. They may incur significant medical bills as they rehabilitate and may also lose income if they are unable to work. It is important that the victims of these accidents are made whole afterwards and receive the compensation they deserve.

While business owners in North Carolina may not be able to control the actions of all the drivers who use their parking lots, they can control the condition of the parking lot. If they fail to keep the parking lot in good condition and people are injured as a result, they may be required to compensate the victim for the injuries. Determining fault in some circumstances may be complicated though. Experienced attorneys understand the responsibilities of the business owners for maintaining their parking lots and may be a useful resource.