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"Photo of Victor C. Mitchener and Joseph H. Downer"

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Helping People Recover After A Serious Car Accident

Although car accidents happen every day, it doesn’t hit home until it happens to you or a member of your family. The aftermath can be overwhelming, and you realize you are going to need professional help to recover for your losses and suffering.

At Mitchener Law Firm, we know that even “minor” car accidents can cause serious and lasting injuries. Our personal injury team is led by Victor Mitchener, who has advocated for accident victims and families in the Charlotte area since 1979. We commit our full energy and resources to maximize your compensation.

We Know Auto Accidents

From decades of practice, our lawyers know how to investigate car accidents to establish the negligent or reckless behaviors that led to the crash. We have handled every scenario, including:

  • Intersection and rear-end collisions
  • Multiple-vehicle crashes
  • Collisions with commercial trucks
  • Pedestrians or bike riders hit by cars
  • Distracted drivers and drunk drivers
  • Uninsured drivers and hit-and-run accidents

The other party may invoke North Carolina’s contributory negligence law to try to deny your compensation by saying you were partly at fault. Our lawyers are skilled at countering that argument to show how the other driver was responsible for a preventable collision.

Our attorneys also know how to document the injuries and care needs to build a case for full damages. We pursue compensation for medical bills, future medical care, lost income, permanent disability, disfigurement, and your pain and suffering, along with the property damage to your vehicle.

Your Local Injury Attorneys

We care deeply about our community, and we take our role seriously as your advocates in an adversarial process. We know you are counting on us to secure a monetary recovery that covers your losses and future needs. You can count on the Mitchener Law Firm for aggressive representation and faithful protection of your rights.

Schedule your free initial consultation by calling our Charlotte law office at 704-719-9080 or by reaching us online.