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Compensation For Injuries Occurring On Someone Else’s Property

If you received a severe injury on someone else’s property, a negligent property owner might be liable for the injury’s costs. This is why this type of law is called “premises liability.” When an injury incurred this way results in serious consequences for the victim, compensation may not be something they can afford to leave on the table.

We know how necessary compensation is for covering the costs of an injury, and we understand how to help you secure the best possible results in an injury claim. Lead attorney Mitchener has been representing clients throughout Charlotte for years, and in the decades that he has been practicing law, has seen all types of premises liability cases.

Causes Of Injuries

There are many responsibilities that property owners are liable for. When property owners are negligent, common examples of premises injuries include:

  • Slip-and-falls – Sidewalks and other walkways need to be clear and free of tripping hazards. When the owner fails to keep these paths clear, guests can get hurt.
  • Dangerous stairways – Uneven stairs, loose handrails, and even unsecured carpets and rugs can cause someone to fall.
  • Parking lots — Parking areas are doubly dangerous, from tripping hazards to assaults.
  • Security failings – If security guards failed to stop or prevent an attack or other incident, the resulting injuries may be the owner’s liability.

No matter what caused your injury on someone else’s property, whether a residential or commercial property, we can help you review the facts and determine your options to pursue the compensation you need.

Representation You Can Trust

After a serious injury, you can count on us to handle the complicated matters of securing the best possible outcome in your personal injury claim. From negotiation to litigation, we take care of everything necessary to help you recuperate your expenses from your personal injury.

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