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Did You Slip Or Trip Because Of A Safety Hazard?

Slipping, tripping and stumbling are part of life. When it happens, we may be too embarrassed or hurt to think about why it happened. But if you suffered a falling injury because of a dangerous property condition, the owner or management could be legally responsible.

The skilled and compassionate attorneys of  Mitchener Law Firm handle slip-and-fall accidents in Charlotte and surrounding communities of North Carolina. We take your injuries seriously. We are committed to holding businesses, landlords, homeowners or municipalities accountable for your compensation.

Common Sources Of Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Under the doctrine of premises liability, property owners have a legal duty to ensure their buildings and grounds are safe for patrons, tenants, delivery personnel and visitors. This includes regular maintenance and inspection of their premises, and a duty to promptly address any known hazards or complaints.

Slip-and-falls are commonly caused by:

  • Spilled liquids or squished food on floors
  • Floors slick from water leaks, rain or melted snow
  • Mopped or waxed floors without caution signs
  • Tripping hazards (cords, boxes, rugs)
  • Unexpected step-ups or drop-offs
  • Broken or missing stair railings
  • Broken steps or torn carpet on stairs
  • Poor lighting in stairwells or hallways
  • Parking lot potholes and cracks
  • Raised or uneven sidewalks

You Should Not Have To Suffer For Someone’s Negligence

The natural tendency is to blame one’s one clumsiness or carelessness. But property owners have a clear duty under the law, and you may not be the first person who slipped or tripped from the same hazard. You have every right to bring a claim for your losses, including medical bills, future care needs, lost income, pain and suffering, and any lingering impairment or disfigurement. We have handled broken ankles and bad sprains, wrist and elbow fractures, head and face injuries, back injuries and other serious trauma from slip-and-falls.

Our legal team is led by Victor Mitchener, who has represented the injured since 1979. You can trust us to work hard to secure your damages, and you can expect responsive and personalized service at every stage.

We Help Get You Back On Your Feet

A serious slip-and-fall causes physical and financial setbacks. The Mitchener Law Firm is here to help you recover as fully and quickly as possible. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation by calling 704-719-9080, or use our online form.