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"Photo of Victor C. Mitchener and Joseph H. Downer"

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Hold Reckless Drivers Accountable For Your Injuries

When a driver distracts themselves for a few moments with food, cellphones or anything else, the consequences of their actions can impact you for a lifetime. Whether someone hit you as a pedestrian or cyclist or in your car, you deserve an attorney who you can count on to handle your injury claim.

Our lead attorney Victor Mitchener holds drivers accountable for their actions that caused accidents, and has since 1979. Our team prides ourselves on developing new strategies to provide our clients with swift and reliable compensation for their injuries.

We Handle All Types Of Claims

Motor vehicle accidents are not all the same. An accident can be between a car and a pedestrian, a truck and a cyclist, or a semi truck and a passenger vehicle. It can be a full-on car crash or what seems at first glance like a fender bender that later reveals serious damage and personal injury. What all auto accidents have in common is how severe they can be, causing injuries that last. The responsible party also may not have insurance, making it much harder to pursue the compensation you need to pay for your auto injury expenses.

Our priority is to ensure we understand your personal injury details and develop a custom strategy aimed at getting compensation you can count on to cover medical costs, lost income, future expenses, and the rest of the consequences of your accident. We do not accept the first lowball offer that insurance companies typically offer, and we are not afraid to undergo serious negotiation or litigation on your behalf.

Leave The Compensation To Us

After a severe accident, it can seem impossible to pursue compensation on your own while also trying to recover from your injuries. Thankfully, you can rely on us to help you through this difficult time.

You can schedule your initial consultation by calling us at 704-719-9080 or emailing us here. Let us take care of you, so you can look after your health.