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Why might a semi-truck crash cause amputation or limb loss?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2024 | Personal Injury, Truck Accidents

Car crash injuries are often minor and manageable, resulting in scrapes or fractures that can heal well. However, when a semi-truck is involved, the outcome can be much worse. Semi-trucks are heavier and bigger, which may contribute to devastating injuries such as losing an arm or leg.

Beyond addressing the initial trauma, such severe injuries can require ongoing medical treatment and support that can be costly. Moreover, amputation or limb loss may result in physical limitations that impact a person’s ability to work.


Why semi-truck crashes cause more damage

Any collision involving a heavy vehicle, high speeds and tremendous force may cause serious damage. In the case of semi-truck collisions, the impact may trap a person in or under their vehicle, immediately crushing a limb or requiring amputation at the scene. However, traumatic amputations may come with a high risk of infections and a dangerous amount of blood loss.

Some severe injuries may lead to amputation

Not all amputation occurs upon impact. Victims who sustain crushing injuries or complex fractures may require surgical amputation if their doctor believes that standard treatment is not enough to preserve their health.

Although this may save their life, surgical amputations may still result in considerable functional limitations and lasting health conditions, such as chronic pain and phantom limb sensations. Adjusting to daily life afterward can be especially difficult.

Pursuing compensation after a semi-truck accident

Individuals who experience amputation or limb loss after a crash should approach compensation negotiations with caution. The lifetime expenses of such injuries may exceed what insurance policies can cover. However, they still have options. If the collision was due to someone else’s negligent actions, the victim may pursue legal action to recover medical expenses and other damages.