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Sophisticated Help For Victims Of Truck Accidents

A truck accident is a bigger and more complex case than a typical car accident. For starters, these accidents are more likely to cause catastrophic injury or fatality. The investigation is more complicated, and the trucking companies and their insurers devote a lot of resources to limiting their financial exposure.

If someone in your family was injured or killed in a truck accident in North Carolina, you are in good hands with the Mitchener Law Firm. Victor Mitchener has practiced in personal injury for over 40 years and leads an experienced and caring team of attorneys that knows how to handle truck cases. We are devoted to holding trucking firms and insurance companies accountable for the life-changing devastation.

Holding Trucking Companies Accountable

Commercial drivers and the trucking industry are subject to federal regulation because the size and weight of a semi truck or another large truck poses such a danger to other vehicles on the road. Our firm conducts a thorough investigation of the crash scene and evidence such as black box recorders, GPS data and driver logbooks. We work to demonstrate the negligence or safety violations that contributed to the accident, such as:

  • Driving too fast for conditions
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Driver fatigue from too many hours on the road
  • Overweight or improperly secured cargo
  • Neglected maintenance like bald tires or worn brakes
  • Negligent hiring and training of people who shouldn’t be driving trucks

We present a strong case in negotiations or at trial to hold those parties responsible for an accident that never should have happened.

Taking Care Of Your Long-Term Needs

All too often, truck crashes result in death. Those who do survive often suffer severe or permanent injuries such as broken bones, brain injury, face trauma or spinal injuries. Our clients may need months or years of medical care to recover. Some will never fully heal or never be able to work again. We work closely with the doctors and the family to document the total impact – physical, financial, emotional and psychological – and the future care needs of the victim(s).

At the Mitchener Law Firm, you are represented by highly skilled personal injury lawyers who are committed to your best interests. We do not accept the insurance company’s first offer just to settle the case. We will hold fast for full and fair compensation, including taking your case to trial if necessary.

Get The Investigation Started Today

The sooner we start gathering evidence, the better we can protect your rights and build a solid legal case. The trucking firms and insurance companies have strong representation, and you should too. Call our Charlotte law office at 704-719-9080 to schedule a free consultation, or contact us online. We handle truck accidents throughout North Carolina.