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Should you try to settle with the insurance company yourself?

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2023 | Personal Injury

The aftermath of an accident resulting in injury can leave you feeling uncertain about the future or how to proceed. You might consider negotiating your injury settlement with the insurance company instead of retaining an attorney.

Understand the key considerations of negotiating the settlement on your own.

Do you understand the claims process?

Negotiating your settlement effectively starts with understanding the claims process, including the factors that contribute to your claim’s value, the legal statutes that apply to the case and any evidence necessary to support your settlement request. Negotiating on your own without this experience can potentially cost you your final settlement determination.

Do you know how to assess the strength of your case?

The strength of your claim plays a role in the settlement. Insurance carriers aim for as small a settlement as possible or even a denial. When you understand the strength of your case, you can push back with a counteroffer and insist on the compensation you deserve instead. Sometimes, a personal injury attorney is the best resource for assessing the strength of the claim based on past case history.

Settling a personal injury case closes the claim to any future compensation. Understand the complexities of the case and your costs before agreeing to any settlement amount. Personal injury lawyers understand the lasting implications of injuries, including long-term effects on your earning potential, so they can support your negotiation process and help you get a fair settlement that accounts for costs you may not think of.