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Hotels may be liable for a slip and fall accident

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2022 | Premises Liability

Hotels must ensure that their guests are safe during their stay. Preventing harm to their guests from accidents, such as a slip and fall, is an important legal responsibility.


An injured plaintiff must prove certain facts for a successful premises liability lawsuit against a hotel. For a slip and fall accident, you must show that the hotel committed negligence by not taking reasonable precautions to protect their guests from harm.

Examples of negligence include injuries from failure to clean up spills, failing to remove ice from walkways, inadequate repairs, exposed wires, and poor lighting. Hotels also have a duty to warn guests of dangers by, for example, placing conspicuous wet floor signs when there is a slippery floor


Regardless of a hotel’s negligent conduct or whether an accident occurred, there must be a substantial injury to have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. A substantial injury usually requires medical treatment or caused some kind of loss such as lost wages or work, reduced mobility or another physical or mental impairment.


If an accident occurs, obtain medical care to assure that your injuries are promptly addressed and do not worsen. A physician’s documentation is also vital evidence of your injury if you choose to file a lawsuit.

Note the date, time and where the fall occurred. If possible, obtain the names of witnesses and their contact information.

You may use your personal electronic device to videotape or photograph the conditions that caused the accident. Be sure to document the condition that cause the slip and fall such as a wet floor, loose carpet, exposed wire, poor illumination, or missing warning notification.

An attorney can assist you with gathering evidence and filing a premises liability lawsuit. Experience lawyers can help pursue your right to compensation in legal proceedings and settlement negotiations.