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Why are large vehicles riskier for toddlers?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When purchasing a car, drivers might look at their features and style before choosing. Sometimes, they could select a vehicle based on fuel economy, size or seating capacity, which is vital for families. However, large vehicles like SUVs or trucks could be riskier to drive around young children.

Unfortunately, SUVs or large trucks sit taller than regular cars. Their height and size create blind spots in front of the vehicle, making toddlers invisible while standing in the area. These blind zones make vehicles dangerous to toddlers. Sadly, some families have already fell victim to these.

Sometimes, the driver would pull into or out of the driveway without knowing a toddler was standing in front of the vehicle. Around 500 crashes happened in similar circumstances, frequently with children as victims. Policymakers and auto manufacturers are aware of this problem.

They are constantly working to improve vehicle safety features, requiring cameras and sensors to address blind spots around the vehicle. However, they only cover recent models released since 2018. Parents and drivers remain responsible for children’s safety since older vehicles stay on public roads without updated safety features.

Protecting children from preventable accidents

Parents, drivers and even passersby could save a child’s life by being vigilant and watchful. Prevent these accidents by practicing the following:

  • Never leave a child with a moving or stationary vehicle. Make it a habit for them to hold your hand while standing away from the vehicle.
  • Always check blind zones when driving off or backing up. Also, roll down windows when doing so to hear any noises that could indicate crash risks.
  • Teach toddlers early about how to behave around and inside vehicles. Additionally, set an example by practicing these safety measures.

Toddlers tend to be playful because of their age. However, they can also absorb lessons easily, making learning about road and vehicle safety easy. By teaching them proper behavior early, these habits could stay with them as they grow into adults.