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Recent fatal accident shows motorcycle dangers

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

Many North Carolina residents think of motorcyclists as reckless or even dangerous. In fact, the first thing most of us should think of when we hear about motorcyclists should be their vulnerability to accidents.

Fatal motorcycle accident in Charlotte

According to news reports, a tragic fatal motorcycle accident occurred between a motorcycle rider and car on March 3 in Charlotte.

The fatal wreck happened at an intersection near a school when the car driver allegedly entered the rider’s lane. The motorcyclist was killed.

Motorcyclists are susceptible to severe injuries

In the recent local accident, one driver operated a Jeep, and one a motorcycle, and one of those drivers did not make it home because of the alleged negligence of the Jeep driver.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists are especially vulnerable due to the size of typical vehicles and the lack of motorcycle safety protections. Because passenger cars and larger trucks weigh so much more than motorcycles, they carry tremendous force in any collision. Because motorcycles ride on two wheels, they are inherently less stable than cars and trucks. And because motorcyclists are exposed in ways that car drivers are not, they have little in the way of safety features to protect them.

An accident that might be little more than a fender-bender were it to involve two cars can easily be serious or even fatal if one of the vehicles is a motorcycle, and if only one person is hurt, it’s almost certainly going to be the one on the motorcycle.

Final thoughts

If you or a loved one have met harm due to another driver’s negligence, you have options. We share the roads and, sometimes, the consequences of the actions of others.

Attorneys help the injured and their families to hold negligent drivers accountable after their carelessness harms or kills a motorcyclist.