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Head-on crash claims the lives of two brothers

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Wrongful Death

In many personal injury lawsuits involving motor vehicle accidents, one of the most difficult issues for plaintiffs is proving that the defendant was at fault for the accident. In others, the actions of the defendant were clearly in violation of a safety law, and may be treated as presumably negligent.

This concept is sometimes known as negligence per se. In a case the plaintiff has to do is show that the defendant’s negligence was the cause of the plaintiff’s injury.

Negligence comes up often in cases involving a defendant who caused an accident after running a stop sign, or driving the wrong way on a road.

Driver driving wrong way causes fatal accident

Recently, according to news reports, a driver who was apparently intoxicated was driving on the wrong side of the highway in Charlotte and struck another vehicle driving in the correct side of the road.

There were two people driving in the vehicle going the right way and unfortunately those two individuals, who were brothers, were declared dead at the scene of the accident. There was also a passenger in the vehicle driving the wrong way on the highway who was also killed in the accident.

Fatal accidents are tragic for the family and friends of the victims of the accident. They suddenly are living life without loved ones who provided so much for them.

Families not only lose the love and support, but they may also lose a significant portion of the income the family was used to receiving. Not having this income can make it difficult for families to simply meet their monthly obligations.

While legal action will never be able to replace the loved one, families may be entitled to compensation for their loss from those who caused the fatal accident.

Unfortunately, there are many fatal accidents that occur in North Carolina each year. Many times these fatal accidents are caused by very bad mistakes by one of the drivers involved. It is important that families who lose loved ones in these types of accidents are compensated properly and consulting with experienced attorneys could be beneficial.