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Local politician’s family injured in auto accident at bus stop

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In Charlotte and throughout North Carolina, auto accidents can happen without warning and impact anyone regardless of age, employment and social standing. These collisions come about for many reasons including drivers who are under the influence, distractions, drowsiness or just plain recklessness.

Often, those who are injured are simply going about their business or are not even in a vehicle themselves. No matter the circumstances, the aftermath can have financial, personal and emotional implications and it is vital to have assistance with assessing the situation and deciding how to proceed.

City Council Member’s wife and two of his children injured in crash

The wife and two children of Tariq Bokhari – a Charlotte City Council member – were injured when a truck crashed into them as they waited at a bus stop. Mr. Bokhari reported the incident on his social media account. According to him, a truck tore around the corner before hitting them.

Mrs. Bokhari suffered a concussion and the two children had scrapes. A third child was uninjured. The truck driver stayed at the scene of the accident and the investigation is continuing.

Law enforcement is trying to determine if speed was a factor or if it was a distracted driving incident. Images shared by Mr. Bokhari showed Mrs. Bokhari with a neck brace. One of the children’s legs was bleeding and had scrapes.

Mr. Bokhari emphasized the importance of drivers being attentive and focusing on safety, particularly since school has started and children are on the road. One of the children was starting kindergarten the day the accident happened. Because many roads in the area do not have sidewalks, there is substantial risk of injuries and death in a collision, specifically to vulnerable members of society.

After an auto accident, knowing the available options is imperative

As this accident shows, no one is immune to injuries and fatalities in motor vehicle accidents. That includes people in positions of influence whose job it is to try and improve safety and find strategies to help people avoid accidents. Exorbitant medical costs, lost wages, a radically changed future and the need for help to do even basic tasks might arise. Children could have a litany of problems if they are involved.

A full investigation from the injured parties’ perspective is key. From the beginning, it is essential to understand how to move forward. Having experienced guidance can help.