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Can you sue a truck company for your accident injuries?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Truck accidents occur all the time in the Charlotte area. The sad truth is that many people who are involved in these wrecks suffer serious, oftentimes life-changing injuries. Recovering from one of these wrecks certainly isn’t easy, as victims usually have to cope with extensive pain and suffering, and the financial losses can leave them reeling. But the good news is that these victims typically have relief options, perhaps the strongest of which is a personal injury lawsuit.

Is filing a claim against a negligent trucker enough?

If a truck accident is caused by a trucker’s negligence, then a victim should consider filing a lawsuit against that trucker. However, the truth of the matter is that these truckers are usually unable to pay the full extent of damages suffered. This is understandable, given that most truckers earn a modest wage and the injuries suffered in these kinds of wrecks can be extensive. That’s why it’s best for a truck accident victim to supplement his or her claim with a vicarious liability lawsuit against the trucker’s employer.

What is vicarious liability?

Vicarious liability is a legal theory through which an employer can be held accountable for the negligent actions of its employee. This means that those who have been hurt by a negligent trucker can also sue the truck company who employs the trucker. To succeed on one of these claims, a victim will have to show several legal elements, such as the fact that the trucker was on the clock and performing his or her job duties at the time, and it’s imperative to be cognizant of common vicarious liability defenses and how to counter them.

Secure legal help for your truck accident case

There’s a lot at stake in a truck accident case. That’s why you should diligently work to build the strongest case possible. Although that may seem daunting, skilled legal teams like ours stand ready to help you develop the legal strategies that maximize your chances of success.