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What are some common causes of motorcycle accidents?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

People in Charlotte are enjoying the summer months as they spend time with family and friends. One nice part of the summer season is the weather, and some people choose to spend a pleasant, sunny day on their motorcycle. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are prone to being struck by a car, causing serious injuries or even death. The following is a brief overview of the danger motorists present to motorcyclists.

Left-hand turns

A car turning left into a motorcyclist is the most common type of motorcycle accident. When making a left-hand turn a motorist may not check their blind spots or even look out for the presence of motorcyclists at all. Distracted driving on the part of the motorist also can play a role in left-hand turn motorcycle accidents.

Lane changes

Motorists frequently make lane changes, especially when driving on the freeway. However, they may not look out for motorcyclists when doing so and can easily and suddenly veer into the lane occupied by the motorcyclist. Again, driver inattention may play a role in lane change accidents.

Rear-end crashes

A motorcyclist may need to slow down and come to a stop, but if the motorist behind them is not paying attention, the motorist can easily strike the motorcyclist from behind. This is an especially dangerous accident, as motorcyclists are not protected by seat belts, air bags or crumple zones. A rear-end collision can be deadly for a motorcyclist.


One type of collision that motorists might not even think about is dooring. Dooring occurs when a motorist is parked on the side of the street and without looking opens the car door in the path of an oncoming motorcyclist causing a collision. Motorists must always check their surroundings before opening their door into oncoming traffic.

Learn more about motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents are especially upsetting because most of them are entirely preventable had the motorist exercised due care. Motorcyclists who have been struck by a car and suffered serious injuries as a result may want to know more about their rights and options. Our firm’s webpage on motor vehicle accidents may be of interest to those who want to learn more about this topic.