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Charlotte road one of the worst in U.S. for auto accidents

On Behalf of | May 14, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Charlotte drivers and passengers should always be cognizant of potential dangers on the local roads. On average, the area has a significant number of commuters who need to get back and forth to work. They also use the roadways for personal tasks and leisure activities. With that, it is wise to know which areas have a greater propensity than others for auto accidents with injuries and fatalities.

Since these collisions can have such a monumental impact on a person and his or her family with medical costs, lost wages, long-term life changes and even funeral costs, it is wise to be fully prepared.

Interstate-85 in Charlotte lands in the top-30 for worst U.S. roads for crashes

One recent study shed light onto the most dangerous roads in the nation and Charlotte unfortunately landed on the list. Teletrac Navman researched auto accidents and their severity. It then compiled a list of the 30 worst roads in the nation. On that list was Charlotte’s Interstate-85.

It assessed the number of fatalities in the past four years, then calculated the number of people who died based on miles traveled. Between 2016 and 2019, I-85 had .613 fatalities for every highway mile with 408 deaths over 666 miles.

Researchers also separated the fatalities based on when they happened and found that the highest number occurred during the month of May. As for time of day, the hour between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. was the worst. Representatives from the company say that despite safety enhancements in new automobiles and other advanced features, fatal accidents still happen with a troubling regularity with certain roads being riskier than others.

Understanding the challenging aftermath of an auto accident

People who are simply going about their daily routine can suddenly find their lives drastically changed in an instant just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Encountering a reckless driver, a distracted driver, a drowsy driver, a driver who is under the influence, a driver who might have had an unexpected medical emergency or lost control of the vehicle because of inclement weather are just some of the ways in which a crash can occur.

The aftermath of a motor vehicle accident can impact a person and his or her family in every conceivable way. Financially, there can be exorbitant medical costs from an extended hospital stay with treatment and surgeries.

The injured person might not be able to return to work in a timely manner or could have problems doing the same job he or she did before. The family could be relied upon to provide care for a loved one who is unable to do the basic tasks on their own. This is without even considering what will happen if the accident results in a fatality where there will be the emotional component added to the litany of issues to deal with.

Considering the available alternatives includes having professional guidance

Insurance companies might try to offer a settlement to preclude a legal claim. These offers might seem reasonable to start with. However, when all the expenses – personal and professional – are calculated, it is rarely sufficient. Even the injuries could take time to manifest and the person who initially believed it was not serious suddenly needs various levels of treatment.

Before saying or doing anything, it is imperative to consider all the possible alternatives and to have experienced advice from the start. Consulting with those who understand auto accidents, their causes and the statistics may be able to help.